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50-90mm Angle Framing Gun

Nail Shank: 2.9 mm x 3.3 mm
Fastner Length: 50-90 mm
Angle: 34°
Fastener Capacity: 90 nails
Dimensions: 480x121x340mm
Weight: 3.50 Kg
Recommended operating pressure: 5-8bar (70-120psi)
Air consumption per drive: 3.87 ltr
Noise level: 90.3dBA (103.3dBA power)
Vibration: 4.28 m/s2

Framing gun for heavy duty applications
Framing, sub floors, roofing, sheathing, pallets, boxes and crates
Easy to use Depth Adjuster
Adjustable Joist Hanger
Protective cover on safety
Streamlined Trigger Design with switchable single and bump fire
Swivel exhaust

$469.00 Inc. GST

PC: BA3490F1


Parts Breakdown
6.5x10mm 6m Length Light Blue Hose
250ml Basso Nail Gun Oil