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40x1mm Collimated Nozzle (pack of 2)

Connector Socket: 1/4"
Outlet: 1/4" Swivel Nozzle 40
Flow Rate: 900 Ltr/Hr
Max. Pressure: 100 PSI
Pack of 2

Made from petroleum resistant POM plastic which is ideal for use with:
alcohols, ethyl, acetone, commercial detergents, gasoline, greases, lacquer solvents, oils, sodium hydroxide, insecticides & brake fluids.
Is not electricity conductive and is suitable for use on electrical discharge (EDM) machines.
Maximum operating temperature: 65° C

NOT SUITABLE for use with strong acids or bases, ammonium hydroxide(strong), Hypochlorite lon solutions, Sodium hypochlorite.

$37.00 Inc. GST

PC: CS82228