10mm Indicator Spherical Point Extension
PC : AC-270-003-01
15mm Indicator Needle Point Extension
PC : AC-270-006-21
2.5mm Indicator Ball Point Extension
PC : AC-270-001-24
25mm Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-04
4mm Indicator Ball Point Extension
PC : AC-270-001-25
50mm Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-09
7.3mm Indicator Ball Point Extension
PC : AC-270-001-01
7.3mm Indicator Knife Edge Point Extension
PC : AC-270-007-01
100mm Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-17
75mm Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-14
1" Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-01I
2" Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-02I
3" Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-03I
Dial Indicator Contact Point (22pc. Set I)
Dial Indicator Contact Point (22pc.Set M)
Centering Holder Dial Test Indicator
PC : AC-269-060-01
4" Indicator Point Extension
PC : AC-270-000-04I
Magnetic Stand (No Arms)
PC : AC-281-080-BASE
Magnetic Stand
PC : AC-281-060-02
Magnetic Stand with Fine adjustment
PC : AC-281-060-01
1" Imperial Dial Indicator
PC : AC-225-025-11
10mm Metric Jeweled Bearing Dial Indicator
PC : AC-222-010-11
10kgf Mini Magnetic Stand
PC : AC-288-010-01
25mm Dial Indicator
PC : AC-229-025-11
3mm Metric Dial Indicator
PC : AC-228-003-11
2" Imperial Dial Indicator
PC : AC-225-050-11
30mm Metric Dial Indicator
PC : AC-229-030-11
Magnetic Stand with Fine adjustment
PC : AC-281-100-01
5mm Metric Dial Indicator
PC : AC-228-005-11
1" Dial Indicator & Magnetic Stand with Fine Adjustment
PC : AC-280-001-02
10mm Dial Indicator & Magnetic Stand with Fine Adjustment
PC : AC-280-000-02
Mini Universal Magnetic Stand
PC : AC-286-040-01
12.7mm Digital Indicator
PC : AC-212-010-13
25.4mm Digital Indicator
PC : AC-212-025-13
Universal Magnetic Stand
PC : AC-282-080-02
50kgf Magnetic Stand
PC : AC-278-050-01
80kgf Magnetic Stand
PC : AC-278-080-01
50mm Dial Indicator
PC : AC-229-050-21
3mm Centering Indicator
PC : AC-297-003-11
100kgf Magnetic Stand
PC : AC-278-100-01
12.7mm Digital Swivel Indicator
PC : AC-216-010-01
25mm Digital Swivel Indicator
PC : AC-216-025-01
100mm Metric Dial Indicator
PC : AC-229-100-21
50mm Digital Swivel Indicator
PC : AC-216-050-01
100mm Digital Indicator
PC : AC-214-100-11