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K818 Gravity Feed Spray Guns


Benefits of Gravity Feed Spray Guns
Short fluid passages offer quicker cleaning and maintenance.
Gravity feed requires less air pressure to drive fluid feed, resulting in a higher quality finish across a wide fluid viscosity range.
Easy no mess fluid refilling with Quick-release lid.
Centre of gravity is closer to the centre of the gun.

• Exceptional fluid atomization.
• Forged aluminum body with smooth anodised finish for corrosion resistance & easy cleaning.
• Teflon seals & packing.
• Suitable for both oil and water‑based painting.
• High grade stainless steel nozzle & needle for easy cleaning & long service life.
• Complies to ce standards.

Working Pressure: 30-45 psi
Fluid Capacity: 600 cc
Fluid Feed: Gravity
Fluid Inlet: M14 × 1.0P
Weight: 280 g

1.3 mm Nozzle
2-Pack, Metallics, Enamel, Stain
Nozzle: 1.3 mm S-Steel
Fluid Output: 210 ml
Pattern Width: 305 mm
Air Cons.: 7.4 cfm
1.8 mm Nozzle
2-Pack, Metallics, Acrylic, Enamels, Primer, Stains.
Nozzle: 1.8 mm S-Steel
Fluid Output: 300 ml
Pattern Width: 330 mm
Air Cons.: 7.8 cfm
2.5 mm Nozzle
Heavy viscosity fluids, Glue, Spray Putty.
Nozzle: 2.5 mm S-Steel
Fluid Output: 380 ml
Pattern Width: 350 mm
Air Cons.: 7.8 cfm

K818 nozzles sets are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.

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